FashionTV Beachwear Runway – Brazil


Brazilian bikinis in animal prints, pleated fabric, and floral patterns from Cia Maritima, Adriana Degreas, Rosa Cha, Lenny with sexy models like Isabeli Fontana, Debora Muller, Daianne Conterato, Juliana Imai and more.



  1. Seeings how Anon did not share his findings, lol, the music at 16:45 is Metric's "Too Little Too Late" followed by "Poster of A Girl," (at 20:45) both of which can be found on their 2005 album "Live It Out" =) I'll post lyrics to either or both if anyone wants.
    To those wondering about other songs, try a lyric search like

  2. Terrible music, if it can even be called that. Rap isn't music; it may be some sort of odd poetry, but it's not music. You can't play it on an instrument, you can't whistle it, you can't hum it without sounding like you're rain man. 

  3. Las que critican a los bikinis brasilenos es por envidia.
    Asi es la naturaleza humana.
    Esa liga de portugueses, con alemanes, italianos y si, la raza negra, dio como fruto tremendo fenomeno. Que clase de cuerpos tienen !

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