15 Minute Intense Abs Workout


Sexy Six-Pack, strong core, slim waist and flat tummy.  Give this intense abs workout a try!
Model Coryn Salazar: www.facebook.com/corynsalazar


  1. I have done this workout 3 times a week for a month and the results have been great, my abds look better that ever, of course I workout 45 to 60 min a day and eat healthy

  2. I think the video quality itself of this is extremely high, and I was wondering what make and model of camera was being used. I would appreciate knowing what company name, model, and also settings were used in recording this. If a DSLR or mirrorless camera was used, was the kit lens or some other additionally purchased lens used? The video is beautiful throughout in many ways, and overall is a work of art! It looks incredible even on my 7" android tablet, which only has a screen resolution of 800 X 480. This is a very professional job, in my opinion! Thanks for sharing your work, both of you, John